Introducing the ScriptPad Pilot Program: Revolutionizing Post-Op Prescription Practices

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Join us on this remarkable journey towards a more efficient, time-saving solution for anaesthetists. Sign up now.

Unveiling ScriptPad: A Dedicated ePrescribing Tool for Anaesthetists

At MediSecure, our mission is to provide innovative solutions that alleviate administrative burdens for healthcare professionals and enhance patient care. ScriptPad, our groundbreaking ePrescribing solution, is a significant step towards realizing this goal. Explore more about ScriptPad here.

ScriptPad is designed with a clear focus: to make writing post-operative prescriptions faster, easier, and more efficient. The intent is to spare anaesthetists from spending more time on paperwork than they do with their patients.

The ScriptPad Pilot Program: A Step Forward

We understand the importance of thoroughly testing new systems in the real world before they’re launched officially. This is why we’re rolling out the ScriptPad Pilot Program, an initiative aimed at refining the app’s functionality based on real-world user experiences and feedback. Get involved today.

Why Join the ScriptPad Pilot Program

Participation in this program offers anaesthetists an exciting opportunity. Not only do they get to explore the benefits of ePrescriptions firsthand, but they also get to influence the development of this tool. By providing feedback and insights, participants can help shape a solution that truly meets their needs. Join us in this venture.

Our Progress and Next Steps

We’re currently at 25% of our goal of bringing together 400 anaesthetists for the pilot. The target is ambitious, but necessary, as it will provide us with a diverse set of insights to optimize ScriptPad further. We’re hopeful to commence the pilot program in approximately 60 days, but with the collective effort of our growing community, we might kick-start it sooner.

Get Involved

We’re eagerly looking for more anaesthetists to join us on this journey. If you’re a healthcare professional interested in improving your prescription practices or know someone who might be, we encourage you to sign up for our pilot program.

Your Feedback Matters

To all participants, your feedback is invaluable in creating a tool that truly enhances your practice and patient care. Share your experiences, thoughts, and suggestions, and let’s revolutionize post-op prescription practices together. Participate now.

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