It's a day after surgery & your patient needs a different script.
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"Hi Dr, I've developed an allergy to one of the meds. Can you prescribe me something else?" Done.

eScripts. We pioneered them in Australia. We're not stopping there.


“Before ePrescribing, I often faced challenges when patients called a few days post-surgery requesting medication changes. For instance, they might develop an itch from Endone. Pharmacists wouldn’t accept email scripts, especially for schedule 8 meds, leaving mailing it as the only option. This took at least a day, which isn’t ideal in the context of managing pain. With ScriptPad, I can send a script out immediately”

Dr. Smetannikov, MV (USSR) DA (SA) FCA (SA) FANZCA

“ScriptPad is an invaluable tool, and significant time-saver, for hospital physicians”


Dr. Sam Fogarty, MBBS BPharm FRACP

Anaesthetists, we're relentlessly innovating to provide you with an unparalleled ePrescribing experience.

Customized Meds for Varying Surgeries.

Access your custom list (including Schedule 8) of most frequently prescribed medications, making them easily accessible and speeding up your prescription process.

Easy Sign Up Process.

We won't make you jump through hoops to send eScripts.

Multi-Hospital Management.

Are you a VMO Anaesthetist managing multiple locations? No problem. ScriptPad allows you to seamlessly manage prescriptions across various workplaces, making it your indispensable prescription pad.

Help Shape The Future of ePrescribing For Anaesthetists.

The future of healthcare isn’t just at your doorstep; it’s in your pocket. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

MediSecure is a government-approved prescription exchange service (PES) which is integrated with major GP and Pharmacy software and myHealthRecord

Our ePrescribing app is designed to streamline and simplify your ePrescribing process. We’re actively seeking your feedback during the pilot to ensure it seamlessly integrates with your workflow. If you’re currently emailing scripts directly to pharmacy or using Australia Post – you’d be our ideal candidate for this pilot!

Absolutely. ScriptPad is compliant with all privacy and security regulations. We value your trust and are committed to protecting your data. MediSecure provides standards-conformant electronic transfer of prescriptions (eTP) for health professionals to improve dispensing speed and accuracy.