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Provide immediate care to your patients with an ePrescribing app designed for doctors on the move. 

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Keep Your Patients Under Your Care, Always.

With a mobile ePrescribing app, distance and schedules don’t stand in the way.

Fully Integrated​

Need to synch your data? Connect your eScripts to any software. Ask us how.

Pay As You Go eScripts

Say goodbye to monthly subscriptions. Introducing the pay-per-script model.

Get Back-Up. Fast.

Left your practice but patient wants a script changed? Now you can send an eScripts using your mobile device.

eScripts. We pioneered them in Australia. We're not stopping there.

Telehealth is good but keeping your patients under your care is better.

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Testimonials From Doctors Who Want A Simple ePrescribing app on their phones

“Before using  a digital ScriptPad, I often faced challenges when patients called a few days post-surgery requesting medication changes. For instance, they might develop an itch from Endone. Pharmacists wouldn’t accept email scripts, especially for schedule 8 meds, leaving mailing it as the only option. This took at least a day, which isn’t ideal in the context of managing pain. With ScriptPad, I can send a script out immediately”

Dr. Smetannikov

“This is an effective way to get prescription drugs to patients without having to deal directly with the pharmacy. The software is very good and the built-in drug information is very useful. Certainly an e-prescribing tool that all prescribers would benefit from, and should be considered by all health professionals

Dr. Andrew heggie

“This ePrescribing app has been extremely useful. The ability to write a discharge e-prescription whilst on a ward round has been a significant time saver, especially with all of the in-built PBS restrictions, authority numbers, quantities etc.“”

Dr. Sam Fogarty

The ePrescribing app you need, but never knew existed.

The future of healthcare isn’t just at your doorstep; it’s in your pocket. 

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