PES Interoperability

MediSecure & eRx are the two Prescription Exchange Services (PES) available in Australia.

The electronic transfer of prescriptions (eTP) is an important step towards an eHealth enabled healthcare system and improving medication management.  eTP is the secure exchange of prescription information between prescribing and dispensing systems. To ensure that eTP is effective, it is essential that all electronic prescription barcodes from eTP enabled prescribers (regardless of the PES system they use) will allow the scanning of prescription details for pharmacies and be interoperable.

In December 2012, exchange level interoperability was achieved between MediSecure and eRx – meaning pharmacies can scan any barcode from either PES and download the prescription information safely and securely to their dispensing system. Recently, both companies have worked together to develop further enhancements to improve performance and the rate of successful scans for both PES systems.