Use MediSecure eScript at No Cost

MediSecure fees (Electronic Prescription Fees) are charged to a pharmacy for using the MediSecure ETP service when scanning the barcode on prescriptions.

These fees are fully reimbursed to the pharmacy from Medicare via PBS Online. The use of MediSecure ETP is totally funded under the 6th Community Pharmacy Agreement (6CPA) which commenced on 1 July 2015 and continues until 30 June 2020.
  • You receive the 15c incentive payment for every eligible barcoded script dispensed.
  • Medicare pays the 15c along with your other PBS payments. You do not need to submit any reports or other paper work.
  • MediSecure will not charge you more than the 15c incentive payments you receive from Medicare.
  • MediSecure is required to levy GST which you then claim in your BAS.

Non PBS pharmacies can also scan MDS eScripts at no cost, receiving the benefits of scanning – improved staff efficiency and dispensing workflow.

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eScripts are effectively free for all pharmacies using MediSecure. MediSecure fees are reimbursed from Medicare via PBS Online

MediSecure fees are reimbursed as part of the Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement (6CPA). MediSecure will not charge you more than the incentive payment you receive.
The ETP payment of 15c per script (item) is paid to pharmacists for dispensing of PBS, RPBS and under co-payment barcoded scripts that are generated electronically by prescribers. The fee is designed to off set the costs charged to pharmacists by ETP service providers such as MediSecure.
No. Under MediSecure’s Cost Neutral Policy you will only be billed for scripts for which you receive the payment from the government. You can process “ineligible” scripts through MediSecure FREE of charge. So you can enjoy the benefits of eScripts without concern for the costs.
No. You do not need to register with Medicare Australia for this program. You do need to register with MediSecure at MediSecure now comes packaged with choice dispensing software. This means you can enjoy the benefits of ETP with little work on your part.
No. You will not receive the incentive payment for private scripts. You can still scan these scripts as usual and you will not be charged by MediSecure.
MediSecure only bills for Medicare PBS payment eligible electronic scripts dispensed using the MediSecure service. If you connect to multiple ETP providers then you may receive more than one ETP provider bill. Each provider will bill for the barcoded scripts processed through their service. To simplify your billing call MediSecure on 1800 47 27 47 and ask to have all your electronic prescriptions processed through MediSecure.
Private scripts and repeat scripts where the original script was not sent to MediSecure by a doctor. You can still scan these scripts (originals and repeats) and they will still work through MediSecure. You will not receive the incentive payment and you will not be charged by MediSecure.