Electronic Prescriptions

MediSecure’s core business is a prescription exchange service (PES), which facilitates electronic prescribing and dispensing of prescriptions.

Our service is designed to save you time and money, allowing you to give more to your customers.

  • Reduce transmission of errors in the prescription writing and collection process
  • Completely free for prescribers
  • Simple registration and installation
  • No change to the prescription writing process
  • Qualify for the eHealth Practice Incentive Program


  1. Visit Doctor – The patient visits doctor for consultation. The doctor writes a script using their clinical system. The electronic prescription goes to the MediSecure Script Vault.
  2. Print Script – The barcode is printed on the paper script. **The barcode is located in the top right hand corner.
  3. Visit Pharmacy – The patient visits their pharmacy of choice with their paper prescription.
  4. Scan Barcode – The pharmacist scans the barcode on the paper prescription, which brings the prescription data from the Script Vault directly to their dispensing software.



Installation is performed remotely by our Melbourne based technical support team. They can dial in remotely and take care of all the technical processes. If you would prefer to have your own IT provider to do the installation, then we are happy to liaise with them. Depending on your clinical system, we will install on the practice terminal server or on each individual workstation. This is a quick 1-2 minute process with minimal disruption to your practice workflow. Once installed, the MediSecure team is available to provide support and answer any queries.



  • Eligible for the eHealth PIP
  • Part of a connected prescription network
  • Industry standards compliant
  • Better connected to other healthcare providers sharing information securely for mutual patient and provider outcomes
  • Prepared for when the government announces the transition to paperless prescriptions



Clinical SystemCompatible with MediSecure
Best PracticeYes – v3
MedtechYes – v3
Primary ClinicYes – v3
MMexYes – v3
GenieYes – v3
ZedmedYes – v3
ShexieYes – v3
Medical WizardYes – v3
Phenix HealthYes – v3

Note: Version 3 integration (v3) includes service updates, plus DrShop; the exciting new real time prescription monitoring service.

If your system is not on this list, or you would like an update on v3 integration, please contact your clinical system provider.



  1. Pharmacy scans the barcode and downloads the electronic script
  2. PBS Online settlement includes the 15 cent Electronic Prescription Fee [EPF] payment at the close of each period
  3. MediSecure sends an invoice at a rate of 15c for each qualifying script
  4. Pharmacies can view government rebates for all qualifying electronic scripts at PBS Online

Eligible scripts are Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) or Repatriation PBS scripts. Private prescriptions do not qualify for the Electronic Prescription Fee.

PBS scripts must:

  • Have a Qualifying Script flag
  • Be related to an Original Prescription loaded into the MediSecure PES by a prescriber, downloaded by a pharmacist and then supplied by an approved supply service.
  • Claimed online via PBS online

*Qualifying repeat or delayed supply authorisations follow the same rules as the above for original qualifying scripts.

PBS prescriptions eligible under co-payment scripts are automatically paid the EPF.

Since 2010, under the 5CPA (5th Community Pharmacy Agreement), pharmacists are reimbursed with a 15c payment for each Qualifying electronic prescription. This arrangement is part of the Electronic Prescription Fee program and is set to continue for at least the first year of the 6CPA.

In the 6CPA, which became effective 1 July 2015, the Commonwealth Government indicated that it would continue to support the incentive to use electronic transfer of prescriptions (ETP) for the first year.

This support is made under the eHealth Program [cl 7.1], which is designed “to support initiatives designed to improve outcomes through the sharing of information as part of a personally controlled electronic health record”. A total of $61.0 million is allocated to this program for the duration of the 6CPA.

In Year 1, the 6CPA provides $12.7million for the EPF program. This suggests the Commonwealth expects a 26% qualifying rate for the forecast PBS prescription volumes. The 6CPA identifies a further eHealth Program budget in Years 2-5 of $48.3 million. This second allocation of money is subject to a cost effectiveness study as outlined in cl 6.1.3.

In practical terms this means no change to the way that pharmacists use and pay for the use of electronic transfer of prescription (ETP) during FY2016.

Dispense SystemCompatible with MediSecure
Aquarius DispenseYes – v3
MinfosYes – v3
RxOneYes – v3
CorumYes – v3
Z DispenseYes – v3
Dispense WorksYes – v3

If your system is not on this list, or you would like an update on v3 integration, please contact your dispense system provider.




MediSecure has long recognised the widespread and adverse effects of prescription medicine addiction and overdose. MediSecure is the proud developer of Australia’s first real time prescription monitoring system, DrShop.

This new technology is the only system that reflects the countless recommendations of Coroners and other experts. DrShop provides prescribers with the tools they need to deliver better patient care when the patient fails to disclose important clinical data during a consultation. DrShop assists the prescribing doctor at the point of care, by providing real time alerts for medicines of addiction. It identifies if and when any “at risk” medicine has been previously prescribed for the patient. This enables the prescriber to proceed safely with the prescription, or intervene if a behavioural pattern of concern is evident.