ScriptPad by MediSecure

Experience Australia's 1st ePrescribing App for Cardiologists.

Need Back-Up? Discover the freedom of ePrescribing in under a minute from anywhere in the world on any device.

specialist writing prescriptions eScripts on the go in between patients

Keep Your Patients Under Your Care, Always.

With a mobile ScriptPad, distance and schedules don’t stand in the way.

Urgent Scripts

"Hi Doc, I'm travelling and forgot my scripts. Could you send me a prescription?" Done.

Fully Integrated​

Seamlessly connected to all* pharmacies across Australia through MediSecure (interoperable with eRx) exchange services.

Easy To Use

Intuitive Design For Effortless Prescription Management​

Blazing Fast​

eScript. Send. Dispensed. It's that quick.​

eScripts - we pioneered them in Australia. And we're not stopping there.

“I’ve worked with PMS software that tried to integrate ePrescribing into their existing interface. The result was a confusing mess. With ScriptPad, I’m finally using an app that’s designed with the prescriber in mind. It’s simple, intuitive, and efficient – just how ePrescribing should be”


We're relentlessly innovating to provide you with an unparalleled ePrescribing experience.

Write prescriptions anywhere, anytime.

The future of healthcare isn’t just at your doorstep; it’s in your pocket. 

surgeon prescribing eScripts while on the go

Get Back-Up. Secure ePrescribing Credits.

Digital Script Pad by MediSecure